Stress Related Fatigue

A manifestation of continued stress is the continual feeling of fatigue, tiredness or exhaustion.  Regardless of what it is called, this symptom of stress takes away energy and motivation.

Weather this type of fatigue is mild or severe, the patient suffering from Stress Related Fatigue does not have the energy to perform functions other than those necessary to get by. 

Stress Related Fatigue and Physical Fatigue Are Different

You may have a demanding physical work-out routine or a physically demanding job or have performed a more physically demanding task.  This type of fatigue is because of a decision that we make and we understand  that through rest and time we will recover.

When fatigue comes from stress, it is different.  It is mental exhaustion caused by worry or difficulty coping with life situations.  The fatigue comes through thoughts and feelings rather than physical exertion. Stress Fatigue has a negative impact on virtually every aspect of health.  At Restorasis Integrative & Functional Medicine, we dig for the cause of your stress response malfunction.  Not only to do we tell you why you don't feel well but we can help you to develop a strategy to restore you vitality and quality of life.

If You Are Concerned About Stress Related Fatigue 

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