Re-Grow Your Hair With Stem Cells

Are you losing your hair? Are you experiencing excessive “hair fall” (a hipster medical term for the normal shedding of hair)? OR, as some people say ‘round here, are you “goin’ bald”?

As if we didn’t already know, hair loss is a common problem for both men and women, men outnumbering women by over two to one. Hair loss can result in emotional stress over how we perceive ourselves, and how we believe other people perceive us. This is particularly true for younger people who are experiencing hair loss. Because our hair is such a prominent feature, some may feel that hair loss signifies the end of youth and desirability, while others feel like they have just become less attractive. Some people prefer to let their hair loss run it’s course unhidden and untreated. However, many people feel emotional distress over hair loss which is a legitimate issue and should

be addressed.

There are many possible causes for hair loss, either related to your individual genetics, external factors or the overall aging process.

Scientists have known for quite a while, that the cause of thinning hair has to do with aging or damage hair follicles, where hair roots begin. Your hair follicles are dynamic organs that reside in the dermal layer of your skin and are made up of many different cell types, each with its own distinct function. The hair follicle regulates hair growth via a complex interaction between hormones, neuropeptides and stem cells. Under most circumstances, stem cells in the hair follicle regulate hair renewal and produce hair throughout your lifetime. They have the ability to renew themselves for long periods of time, producing new stem cells to replace the old, damaged cells. Usually, these stem cells are inactive, but they quickly activate during a new a hair cycle, which produces new hair growth. Hair follicle stem cells are regulated by several factors. In certain cases, they FAIL to activate which results in hair loss.

Why Does this Happen?

The process of hair loss is twofold. The first factor is decreased blood supply to hair follicles, or ischemia, which causes a slow-down of their function, eventually leading to damage or death of the follicle. The second is inflammation. Inflammation caused by sun damage, exposure to environmental toxins, disease, chronic conditions, poor nutrition, the aging process and many other health issues, can result in chemical changes which deplete the “stem cell pool” in hair follicles. The follicle begins to shrink, getting smaller and smaller, making it even more difficult for hair to grow.

Until recently, treatment for hair loss in both men and women included platelet-rich plasma (PRP), treatments in which your own blood is spun down to platelets and injected into your scalp; mesotherapy (nutritional injections, also in the scalp); oral supplements; acupuncture; massage; herbal remedies; high-tech hair products; hair transplant surgery OR, an extremely attractive, low level laser helmet that stimulates hair growth; all of which may or may not be effective, depending on your own bio-chemical make-up.

In the last few years, stem cell therapy has emerged as the state-of-the-art solution for thinning hair and hair loss. This treatment is an efficient, non-surgical, process where stem cells are directly injected into the damaged area. When these stem cells are deployed to the areas of damage, they stimulate themselves, and those cells that are already present in the hair follicle, to carry out the naturally occurring process of hair growth. This increase in stem cell circulation throughout the body fights the degenerative effects of aging and cell damage, helping to restore function to dying and damage hair follicles.

Because stem cells reproduce quickly and continue to divide, and because they contain natural growth factors and proteins, stem cells accelerate your body’s natural healing and regenerative response. Since stem cells positively affect the damaged environment quickly, the benefits of stem cell therapy are experienced within a short period of time.

Stem cell therapy is a sophisticated and safe treatment which is proving to be the salvation of shrinking, dying and damaged hair follicles and is the most successful path to permanent hair re-growth. At Restorasis, most of our patients have had great success with stem cell therapies, especially for hair growth, which is one of our most popular treatments. Our Patients can now grow their own hair in areas that have stop producing growth.

If you’d like more information about stem cell therapy for hair growth, give us a call at 301-668-0002.


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