Dr. Jeanne O’Connell, Featured Speaker at Harvard "Stop Kicking the Toad on the Road"

This past summer, Dr. O’Connell was invited to be a featured speaker at the "Harvard Business Expert Forum" on behalf of the Entrepreneurship Students Club at Harvard Business School. She and other like-minded entrepreneurs gathered at the Harvard Faculty Club to deliver empowering, motivating, and inspiring speeches to a room full of current and future leaders.

In this three-day session, Dr. O’Connell was among some of the world’s elite business experts who were gathered together to share their experiences. Attendees spanned many different nations and fields of specialty, from finance to real estate gurus, publishers, lawyers, activists and physicians. They each discussed successes, failures, hardships, mentors, dreams and various aspects that came together to create their unique journey to the podium at Harvard.

As a physician that has trained other doctors, clinicians, and interns, public speaking was nothing new for Dr. O’Connell. She, especially, welcomed the opportunity to collaborate and connect with other professionals and learn from each of them. Having such a diverse group of accomplished professionals created a weekend packed full of business gold, invaluable information. Dr. O’Connell’s light hearted and down-to-earth nature, coupled with her impressive intelligence both captivated and entertained the audience.

Like many women of a certain vintage, Dr. O’Connell shares her story where she found herself reacting to normal situations in a manner that was completely out of character. Suddenly, she was experiencing the same symptoms and complaints that her patients came to her for advice on. Feeling the weight of these symptoms, she inadvertently became her own patient as well. This helped greatly in her understanding and compassion for her patients; but also created the platform that allowed her to launch Restorasis Health at the Sylvana Institute.

On the final day, Dr. O’Connell had the pleasure of sharing the stage with celebrity Suzanne Somers. For us at Restorasis Health and Sylvana Institute, this was a particular interest of ours. Suzanne, though well known for her role on Three’s Company, is a successful international author, advocate, and public speaker. She has stepped into the spotlight to speak as an advocate for hormone replacement therapy and how the benefits of this treatment restored her quality of life. In fact, she has written numerous books proclaiming the amazing effects of Bio-HRT. Just a few of the books she has authored are: “I’m Too Young for This”, “Sexy Forever”, “Breakthrough”, and “Knockout”.

When we first began treating patients who needed hormone replacement at Restorasis Health, Suzanne’s books served as reinforcement and provided a community for us to send these patients to. Having a well-known actress take these issues into the spotlight was exactly what every woman suffering needed. Instead of being told it’s normal, finally someone was listening, and change was on the way. The opportunity to both meet and share the stage with an advocate for our field was truly special for Dr. O’Connell.

To watch the full video of Dr. O’Connell’s speech at Harvard, click HERE!

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