It's Lyme Time With Dr. Jeanne O'Connell and Jennifer Gularson, PA-C

While Lyme Disease used to fly under the radar of its unbeknownst target, recent media platforms and medical associations have been increasing awareness across the country. In the northeast United States, we are especially vulnerable to encountering an infected deer tick as they are indigenous to our area.

Navigating through Lyme, co-infections and other associated diseases can be a long, frustrating, and often confusing process. These infections manifest through numerous symptoms that may not be obviously associated with Lyme and require some sleuth work. Furthermore, many people suffer for many years without any suspicion that their symptoms could be the result of a tick bite that they may, or may not, have even been aware occurred.

In the video below, Dr. O’Connell and Jennifer Gularson explain the evolution of the Restorasis Health practice, and how we began to treat patients who have tested positive for Lyme Disease and other associated diseases at our clinic.

As she describes, Dr. O’Connell was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2013. Even as a conventionally trained physician, she, herself, did not initially realize that the symptoms she was suffering from were related to Lyme. Her primary indicators were aching joints and rupturing tendons without a reasonable explanation as to why. During an unrelated course of antibiotic treatments though an IV, she noticed that her other ailments began to improve; thus, causing her to investigate the connection behind that.

“Rarely, if ever, is anyone infected with just the Lyme organism”, states Dr. O’Connell. In fact, Dr. O’Connell uses herself as an example of how she was also first diagnosed with anaplasmosis before connecting it back to Lyme Disease. “There are tremendous number of testing options that are available for Lyme; but, their specificity and their sensitivity are suspect and truly questionable”, she says. We’ve had patients come to Restorasis Health with negative Lyme tests and upon further investigation and specialty testing, we find that they do, in fact, carry the disease and/or are also suffering from co-infections.

“Humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years and these organisms have been around for hundreds of thousands of years longer than we have. They have really not changed substantially but humans have.” Dr. O’Connell questions what it is it about the human species causes us to be more vulnerable to these diseases and infections?

The options that we have available to treat Lyme Disease don’t always have to be short or long-term antibiotic use. Thoroughly examining the symptoms that a patient may be experiencing is the first signal we use to narrow down the culprit. Further options for treatment become dependent upon what organisms can be identified through the testing options that are available to us. Finally, we use a combination of treatment modalities in order to combat the infections and help our patients get back to feeling well again.

For more information about Lyme and to speak to Dr. O’Connell directly about your health, call us at 301-668-0002 to schedule your one-on-one consultation today!

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