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At Restorasis, we use a variety of diagnostic tools to evaluate your symptoms as well as your overall condition. We do this by first confirming and identifying your ailment in order to begin the appropriate course of treatment. Generally speaking, Dr. O’Connell and our clinical team will request a panel of lab work that includes results on organ function, hormone levels, blood count, and a variety of other measures. In addition to the more routine bloodwork, we also incorporate specialty testing into our treatment mode to further provide an objective analysis and guide the clinicians in building your customized treatment plan. Furthermore, the specialty testing is not always available at more routine, local laboratories. For example:

In diagnosing and treating Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne Illnesses we use two tests:

Medical Diagnostic Laboratories: Lyme and Tick-borne Illness Testing- Lyme disease is a vector-borne disease which requires a tick to facilitate the transmission of the disease from the vector (tick) to the patient. The Ixodes tick contains additional pathogens that can be co-transmitted with Lyme disease. Other co-infections are babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, and bartonellosis, which share similar symptoms but different therapy. Therefore, it is paramount to test and identify the vector borne disease in order to direct therapy.

FRY Labs: Blood Smear for Tick-Borne Testing- Determines the presence of biofilm. Testing includes microscopy for visual identification and quantification of a wide range of blood-borne pathogens, co-infection serology, biofilm detection, and genus wide molecular detection technology with sequencing for individualized species and/or strain identification. Organisms of Interest: Borrelia (Lyme), Babesia, Bartonella, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Coxiella (Q-Fever), Toxoplasma, Rickettsia, Plasmodium, and Novel Biofilm Forming Protozoa.

For nutritional and allergy testing as it relates to gut health and digestive concerns:

Genova Diagnostics: NutrEval Testing- Unlike any other nutritional assessment, NutrEval FMV® provides a framework of core nutrients in 5 key areas: Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Digestive Support, Essential Fatty Acids, and Minerals. In this test, the Amino Acids are measured in a convenient first-morning urine collection. Many patients experience chronic illnesses because of nutritional deficiencies. NutrEval® offers nutritional recommendations based on a patient’s individual test results. Clinicians commonly use such testing to determine the nutritional deficiencies that are at the root of chronic conditions.

Genova Diagnostics: GI Effects Stool Analysis- GI Effects is an innovative stool test measuring premier biomarkers of gastrointestinal function, providing valuable clinical insight into digestive performance, gut inflammation, and the gut microbiome — areas affecting not only GI health, but overall health as well. Emerging evidence has associated overall GI function and gut microbiome status with a wide variety of common illnesses including, but not limited to: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Diabetes, Obesity, Celiac and Other Malabsorption Disorders, Autoimmune and mood disorders.

Genova Diagnostics: IgG Antibody Test (Food Allergy Testing)- IgG Food Antibody Assessment is a food sensitivity test which helps identify those with true IgE-mediated allergies as well as IgG-mediated food sensitivities. This immunological food sensitivity test measures IgG antibody levels to 87 foods, and total IgE. This antibody food sensitivity test is ideal for patients who may suffer from delayed reactions/sensitivities to specific foods. It may also provide insight on intolerances, or non-immune responses, to certain foods.

Sometimes traditional bloodwork can be expensive and an unrealistic option depending on if you have insurance and/or what your insurance will cover. For that reason, we do offer alternatives when testing for hormones:

ZRT Hormone Saliva at Home Test Kit- ZRT's at home test kits include everything you need for collection. The kit includes tests for Estradiol (E2), Progesterone (Pg), Testosterone (T), DHEA-S and morning Cortisol (C1) in men and women per Dr. O’Connell’s recommendation.

Genova Diagnostics: Essential Estrogens Panel- Essential Estrogens™ is a targeted urinary hormone test designed to evaluate estrogen metabolism specifically. This hormone test offers clinical insight into parent estrogens, key estrogen metabolites, and relevant ratios and is useful for initial estrogen assessment as well as follow-up testing to monitor response to therapies and/or to check levels of previously abnormal results.

Genova Diagnostics: Complete Male Hormone Panel- Proper hormonal balance is essential to maintain optimal health and plays a crucial role in how one feels. Testosterone, for example, enhances sex drive, strengthens bone and muscle tissue, and reduces fat production. Male hormonal deficiencies or excesses affect sleep, metabolism, and the ability to fight disease. Throughout life, and particularly in ones middle age, information about the body's hormone production provides keen insights to help maintain a health and vigorous life.

For your convenience, we will meet with you during an appointment to thoroughly explain and walk you through the test kits that are designed to go home with patients. In addition, we draw blood on site to send out the testing kits with that specific specimen. We will even see you for your routine bloodwork if your insurance company allows you to visit labs such as LabCorp and Quest, with whom we have partnered.

If you have questions about specific tests we provide and/or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your options, please give us a call at 301-668-0002.

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