A Special Hello from Dr. O'Connell & Jennifer Gularson, PA-C

Welcome to Restorasis Integrative and Functional Medicine, we are glad you are here!

First, our founder and Medical Director, Dr. Jeanne M. O’Connell introduces herself and briefs you on her background.

Next, Dr. O'Connell & Jennifer Gularson, PA-C and Clinical Director, discuss the evolution of Restorasis as well as the process of examination with each unique patient.

What exactly do we do on a daily basis? In short… we help our patients feel better!

The Restorasis journey began with hormone replacement therapy. Patients with no energy and no sex drive were able to regain their lives and often times, even save their marriage as a result. However, it wasn’t long before we discovered that hormone optimization simply wasn’t enough and we began to research further.

Primary care physicians and specialists don’t always provide the answers that our patients are looking for. Traditional medicine models give doctors 15 minutes, at best, to figure out what is going on with their patients. They are overworked and inundated with a patient packed schedule rotating very quickly. Our patients have come to us exhausted, frustrated and with a sense of hopelessness.

New patients will find that we have time, we listen, we ask questions from when you were in your mother’s belly to the last time you actually felt well. Our focus is to understand each patient’s medical and lifestyle history in order to help them along their wellness journey.

What makes you tick? What do you eat? How are your bowels? What is the color of your urine? How is your water intake? Are you sleeping? What type of physical activity to you participate in? What are your stressors? These are just a handful of the questions that we use to dive deep into what makes you unique.

We go to great lengths to understand how we can help you get your groove back. Our best referral source and reference for new patients is current patients. Our goals at Restorasis are learning, understanding, and caring for our patients as our practice grows!

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182 Thomas Johnson Drive

Suite 100

Frederick, MD  21702


Monday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday:

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