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At Restorasis, we take a patient-centered approach to addressing your wellness goals. It’s all about you! Please be prepared to get personal, the core of Integrative and Functional Medicine is seeking out the root cause for the symptoms you suffer from. In doing so, we must dive deep into all of the things that you have experienced that make you uniquely you.

Beginning as a hormone-centered clinic, we have treated patients for both male and female hormone deficiencies that become prevalent as we age. As Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioners, we must also be patients. In examining ourselves and our needs, we began understanding how we could better assist our patient base. Through the years, we have grown from our hormone centric infancy, to now include a bevy of other options for treatment such as: thyroid and adrenal support, weight loss, gut health, and now Lyme and other associated diseases.

How far you want to take your journey will determine your path to recovery. Symptom relief is only temporary and will not actually get you to feeling your best at optimal health. We see patients who come to us in all different stages of their wellness journey. Our job is to listen, understand, and help you as we become a team in achieving your specific health goals. This is why we begin with and meet every patient at a consultation, to assess your needs and determine what your path to recovery may look like.

Unlike conventional medicine, “a pill for every ill”, “treat them and street them” … Restorasis focuses on building a relationship. Many of the ailments that bring patients to us, started long ago, sometimes even during childhood. In order for us to truly get to the underlying cause of all the damage that has surfaced in your symptoms, it is critical that we operate as a patient-practitioner team. We are here to support you as you make the necessary lifestyle changes. At Restorasis, we will guide you down your path to recovery, hand in hand, so that you can live a happy, healthy, and well-balanced life.

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182 Thomas Johnson Drive

Suite 100

Frederick, MD  21702


Monday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday:

9am-1pm & 2pm-5pm


9am-1pm & 2pm-6pm