Nutrition & The Gut

Functional Nutrition is about finding the right way for each of us as individuals to eat- using food to maximize the potential for health and reverse dysfunction or disease. 

What is Functional Nutrition?

The Basics 

A microbiome is the collection of microbes living in a given community, like the intestines in the body.  We also sometimes refer to these communities as "flora" or "microbiota". 

What is the microbiome? 

Eating For Your Microbiome

A benefit of eating locally and seasonally is that you are more likely to eat a broad variety of foods, some of which are unique to your city, state, or region.  Eating these foods results in a greater diversity of phytonutrients, which are vital for cellular health and chronic  disease prevention. 

Learn how to prioritize your health, eat sustainably and support your local farmers market.

Eating Locally, Seasonally, and Sustainably

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