Lead Toxicity

Lead is a metal that occurs in the earth and present in all parts of our environment, much of it coming from human activities like mining and manufacturing.  Older houses may still have paint containing lead; and, you can be exposed through eating food or drinking water that contains lead, water pipes in older homes, a hobby that utilizes lead (stained glass or pottery glaze) and, industrial emissions.  

With all this exposure, it's easy to see how lead toxicity can develop over time.  Lead toxicity may cause health problems such as increase blood pressure, infertility, muscle pain, joint pain and nerve disorders.  

Lead mimics biologically beneficial minerals like calcium, iron and zinc.  Most lead is deposited in bone and teeth, interfering with red blood cell production which can lead to anemia.  It also interferes with the absorption of calcium which is required for health bones, muscles, muscle contraction and blood vessel function.

It is a good idea to have your lead levels checked annually.  If your levels are Restorasis Integrative & Functional Medicine can help with treatment and help track down the sources of exposure.  Treatment depends on the level of lead toxicity.  In mild lead poising the source may be identified and removed, or at least minimized.  In more severe cases, other therapies will be recommended.

If You Are Concerned About Envrionmental Toxins

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