Exploring Alternative Therapies

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Our practitioners often use alternative therapies in combination with traditional medicine to address not just the physical body but also the patient’s emotional and social health. Traditional medicine views disease as a distinct entity from the person who carries it. The growing trend toward specialization in medicine has led to many treatment advances, but also has distanced physicians from the “healthy” parts of their patients. A key difference between traditional and integrative medicine is that it emphasizes on whole-body care. 

Consider the benefits of a more holistic approach 

Integrative Medicine

Acupuncture close up

At Restorasis, it's not uncommon for Dr. O'Connell and her clinical team to recommend several different types of therapeutic modalities specifically designed to help your body restore itself with little to no side effects. From pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and acupuncture, to reiki and reflexology, choosing the best healing modality for you can be extremely beneficial. 

Discover cutting-edge therapeutic modalities 

Holistic Therapeutics at Restorasis

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