Energy, Performance & Recovery IV Therapy

​ Rehydrate, Rebuild, and Replenish your energy with Energy, Performance & Recovery IV Therapy.  Intense physical activity drains your body of its natural hydration and sodium, and generates toxins.  High levels of stress following a high intensity workout or an injury overwhelm your body and may make it unable to respond and repair adequately.  Our Energy, Performance & Recovery IV therapy is a supercharged mix of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to increase your strength, boost performance, reduce fatigue, and shorten recovery time.


Rick Logan of FHITT BY RICK

You want to give your body the energy it needs and the best opportunity to recover quickly and remain in good condition.  When you are properly hydrated and have the appropriate nutrients, your body is better able to meet physical demands and combat the symptoms of fatigue and low energy.  The Energy, Performance & Recovery IV treatment also enhances your mental clarity and overall performance. 

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