Antiviral Cocktail IV Therapy

When you catch a cold, it may not feel like your body is working as hard as it can to fight off the invaders. You’ll feel an assortment of symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, and fatigue, after all. In truth, your body is hard at work fighting off the virus, and most colds resolve themselves within 7 – 10 days.  This is a long time for anyone, but especially for anyone who can't always afford to take a day off from their busy lifestyle.  While over-the-counter medications can help temporarily reduce your symptoms when they’re in full swing, they don’t do anything to shorten the duration of your illness. 

There is no reason for you to suffer unnecessarily with fever, aches and pains from a cold or flu.  You can immediately hydrate, replenish vital nutrients, relieve inflammatory pain AND boost your immune system with the Antiviral Cocktail IV therapy. 

It is not just the ingredients in our Antiviral Cocktail IV treatment that make it powerful. Delivering this potent cocktail of medications intravenously means that they are absorbed into the body very quickly, at least twice as quickly if taken orally.  Speed is the essence in most treatments and getting what you need into your body as fast as possible is essential, not just for recovery, but for a rapid recovery. This is the beauty and power of IV treatments. Whether we are giving IV fluid flu relief or other ailment, the speed of delivery allows your body to rehydrate and heal quickly.

This IV treatment can also support the immune system of people with chronic illnesses or who are recovering from surgery.

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