Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an illness that millions of people suffer with.  It's often difficult to explain to friends and family exactly what you are experiencing.  Chronic pain often leads to little or no physical activity, negatively impacting musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, psychological, and emotional processes. 

There are so many secondary and related issues stemming from chronic pain that it is a challenge to identifying all of them.  The important thing to know is that pain is a symptom of something wrong.  For effective resolution to pain, treatment needs to be directed to the root cause of the pain in order to fix the problem.  

Sometimes when the pain manifests as muscle pain, joint pain, headache or other dysfunction, the actual cause may be nutritional related, infection, structural or toxicity.  When the body is addressed as a whole, chronic pain treatment may be multi-faceted and may include, physical, nutritional and mind/body connectivity treatments as part of the healing.

At Restorasis Integrative & Functional Medicine, we will incorporate the use of prescription medication and other specialty recommendations when absolutely necessary; but, we first strive to understand the root cause of the pain and facilitate your body's own ability for natural healing.

If You Are Suffering From Chronic Pain

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