Auto Immune Disorders

According to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, researchers have identified 80 to 100 different types of autoimmune diseases and suspect at least 40 more diseases of having an autoimmune basis.  Autoimmune diseases are chronic and can be life-threatening.


Autoimmune diseases are conditions where the body's immune system attacks its own tissues rather than a foreign invader like a virus or bacteria. This happens when something confuses the immune system. That "something" can be heredity, age, hormones, diet and/or a large load of environmental toxins.  Symptoms vary greatly from person to person, as does the rate of progression.

Some Common Auto-Immune Disorders Are:

  • Celiac disease (also known as gluten intolerance)

  • Fybromialgia

  • Lupus

  • Psoriasis

  • Restless Leg Syndrome

At Restorasis Integrative & Functional Medicine, we address the underlying causes of autoimmune diseases such as infections, allergies, poor diet and stress; then together we come up with a healthy lifestyle plan.  If followed, most patients see a significant improvement in their health and quality of life.

To Find Out More About Auto Immune Disorders 

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