Allergies are an over-aggressive immune response that is triggered by certain foods, touching certain substances or inhaling irritants such as pollen, smoke and animal dander.  Allergies to pollen, spores, mold and dust that affect the respitory system are particularly frustration.  

Typical allergy symptoms manifest through sneezing, itchy eyes. asthma, hives and sinus congestion and pressure.  But, our bodies respond differently to allergens and we often experience symptoms that we don't recognize as allergic reactions.  

The less obvious symptoms we may be:  migraine headaches, digestive problems, psoriasis, sinus congestion and infection, arthritis and hives.  These issues are not only possible reactions to allergens but can also indicate the presence of related immune and autoimmune conditions.

The delivery of excellent healthcare requires a comprehensive understanding of a person's physical, emotional and spiritual health. Allergy relief begins with a unique understanding of your individual conditions and physiology.  Before taking medication for allergies, it's important to find out what is causing the reaction.  Once this question is answered, successfully treating allergies often leads to the successful treatment of broader conditions.

For those living with allergies, Restorasis Integrative & Functional Medicine offers alternatives for treating your allergies by integrating supplements, diet suggestions, environmental modifications and lifestyle changes with conventional medical treatments. We strive to treat the whole person to promote overall health and to facilitate the prevention of illness.  

If You Are Suffering From Allergies or Allergy Like Symptoms

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